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Foods That Help Relieve Constipation Quickly


Virtually all folks have issues with digestion. Constipation is a quite common consequence of this drawback. Listed below are some meals that successfully and shortly act in opposition to constipation.

If you happen to eat wholesome, drink loads of fluids and reside comparatively lively life you in all probability gained’t have any issues with constipation. Nevertheless, even these folks can burden their abdomen with the poor alternative of meals, utilizing some medicines, stress and so forth.

If you happen to don’t have an everyday and regular digestion, this may trigger a spread of well being issues.

Study why you will have these issues. Have you ever lately taken any dietary supplements or medicines? (Learn: negative effects). Are you getting sufficient fiber or eat an excessive amount of dairy? Do you eat peanuts, soybeans or dry meals?

Take into consideration the explanations to have the ability to stop the prevalence of constipation, and for an instantaneous resolution right here’s the place to search for pure assist:


Bananas are a superb alternative. Purchase these which can be yellowed and have brown flakes. Watch out that they aren’t too “squishy”. At this stage (when they’re yellowed) the sugars in them are absolutely developed, they’re sweeter and simpler to go by your digestive system. You may make a puree by mixing them after which combine them with a little bit of probiotic yoghurt, you’ll be able to even freeze them and eat like ice cream.

Nevertheless, dried figs and prunes are higher identified than banana, with regards to the combat in opposition to constipation. You’ll be able to nibble them or eat boiled. Simply half a cup of dried figs has 7.three grams of fiber – 19 % of the beneficial each day dose for males and 28 % for ladies. In fact, they’re efficient as prunes. It’s best to soak them into water for a while and eat them entire. You’ll be able to prepare dinner compote of, say, 150 grams of prunes and 150 gr of figs (in 1 liter of water). The ensuing compote drink three instances a day. Don’t neglect to eat extra fruit.



Make inexperienced smoothie. Combine inexperienced greens which can be filled with chlorophyll and fiber and they’ll quickly “boost” the meals by the digestive system and cleanse your physique and the intestines.

Beans have helpful impact in opposition to constipation, the very best is to mash them into sauce or a light-weight soup. You’ll be able to boil them, drain them, and add right into a bowl of recent salad.

Bran additionally has a positive impact, whether or not we speak about wheat or rice. They speed up cleansing. Add to your weight-reduction plan one tablespoon of bran and you’ll not have issues with constipation anymore.

Chilly-pressed oils

They speed up digestion. One or two tablespoons of cold-pressed oils can shortly assist cleanse the intestines. Use chilly pressed oils of: flax, coconut or olive. Combine them with salads, soups and smoothie drinks.


For some folks flax are the quickest assist in opposition to constipation. You’ll be able to attempt to eat one tablespoon of seeds (chew long and hard) or soak in a little bit of water and let it stand for six hours. You’ll make them slimy. After that pressure them and eat (with out water). It’s on this mucus that the very best therapeutic properties of flax might be discovered.


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