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13 Home Remedies to Keep Bees Away


If you’re amongst those that are allergic to bee stings, you then definitely have each cause to need to hold them away from your own home, particularly when you find yourself having fun with your yard, working in your flowerbed or weeding your vegetable backyard. Keep in thoughts that bees are literally helpful bugs and killing them off utilizing pesticides is de facto not the fitting course to take. A greater answer for individuals who want to make peace with bees is to make use of a number of of our 13 residence treatments to hold bees away with out eliminating them utterly.

peppermint oil with leaves

1. Peppermint

When it comes to retaining bees away, probably the most easy and efficient residence treatments entails the usage of peppermint. As a result of bees don’t just like the sturdy odor of peppermint they have an inclination to hold their distance from it.

What to do:

  • Mix equal components of peppermint oil and water in a dish or spray bottle.
  • Apply small quantities to your hair, arms, wrists, ankles or socks to get probably the most full protection.
  • You’ll be able to set out a number of dishes with the combination in it round your patio or deck so as to hold them away throughout a barbeque or yard celebration.

2. Cinnamon

One other of probably the most potent compounds to hold bees away is cinnamon powder or cinnamon oil. Spreading cinnamon powder or spraying important oil on objects shut to a beehive will make bees transfer their colony someplace else.

What to do:

  • Sprinkle powdered cinnamon or cinnamon oil on or round objects shut to the beehive.
  • Repeat this every day for 2 weeks to be sure that the bees relocate for good.

three. Tarping

For floor dwelling bees, which have a tendency to be much less aggressive, however can nonetheless do loads of harm to an individual with allergic reactions, an efficient residence treatment which can hold bees away is a course of often called tarping. Tarping, or inserting a tarp over the beehive will trigger bees to transfer their hive elsewhere as effectively.

What to do:

  • Wait till nighttime when all the bees are within the hive.
  • Put on darkish clothes so as to appeal to much less consideration.
  • Get some buddies or household (ideally those that aren’t allergic) to assist you unfold and place a tarp over the world of the nest.
  • Place weights on the corners so as to hold the tarp in place.
  • This may be dangerous to do by your self, since you run the chance of angering the bees and getting stung.

four. Vinegar Spray

One other scent which repels bees comes from a residence treatment involving vinegar spray. Spraying the areas across the beehive in addition to vegetation, flowers and bushes that appeal to them most with this spray is a good way to hold bees away.

What to do:

  • Combine equal components of vinegar and water in a sprig bottle.
  • It’s best to spray at night time when bees are dormant so as to keep away from agitating them.
  • Spray objects and areas across the hive in addition to flowers, bushes and vegetation that appeal to them. Saturate them effectively.
  • Repeat this every day till the bees vacate the hive.

5. Watering Your Garden

Maintaining bees away will be so simple as watering your garden. Clearly, this residence treatment is barely efficient on floor dwelling bees, however it’s fairly efficient at getting them to transfer away in addition to retaining newcomers from transferring in. Nesting females want dry soil, so moist soil will hold them away and trigger the colony to relocate.

What to do:

  • Water your garden continuously.
  • Pay particular consideration to areas the place soil tends to drain or dry out quicker.

6. Mothballs

A residence treatment that may hold bees away is mothballs. Similar to a number of different bugs, the odor given off by mothballs additionally repels bees.

What to do:

  • String mothballs collectively utilizing a needle and fishing line.
  • Cling the strings from bushes, the eaves of your own home, storage sheds and different areas the place bees have a tendency to congregate.
  • You may also unfold them round in your flower beds and round dry areas in your garden to hold floor bees at bay.

7. Pretend Nests

Hanging faux nests round your own home is one other efficient residence treatment that may assist you to hold bees away. As a result of wasps and bees are territorial, they won’t find their hives shut to the place one other hive (or perceived hive) already exists. Subsequently, if there’s a sturdy presence of hives round your own home, no new bees will transfer in.

What to do:

  • Buy and have your faux nests available in early spring earlier than bees begin transferring in.
  • Cling your faux nests early within the 12 months in quite a few places the place bees and wasps like to construct their nests.
  • You may make faux nests simply if you happen to don’t know the place to buy them.

eight. Don’t Be a Flower 🙂

When you’re within the open air away from your own home and want to hold bees away, there are particular issues that you must do to hold from attracting them to you. Primarily, you do not need to look and odor like a flower as that’s what bees, wasps and hornets are attracted to.

What to do:

  • Keep away from sporting brightly coloured clothes.
  • Keep away from sporting candy or floral perfumes and private care merchandise and go for spicy or woody scents.
  • Put on clothes that retains most uncovered areas of your physique coated.
  • Apply peppermint to areas of your physique to repel bees (as mentioned on the prime of our checklist).

9. Repelling Vegetation

Introducing repelling vegetation into your backyard, flower beds, round your deck and yard is one other of the efficient residence treatments that may hold bees away. Non-flowering vegetation with scents that bees don’t like will assist hold them away from those which they do like. With out a meals supply, bees will transfer on.

What to do:

  • The best plant for retaining bees away is wormwood or Artemisia.
  • Plant wormwood round your deck, backyard, flower beds and across the exterior of your yard.
  • Some others that may even be efficient are mint, eucalyptus and citronella.
fresh cucumbers
Consuming them contemporary is an incredible manner to introduce extra fiber and water into your weight loss program

10. Cucumber Peels

So as to hold bees away from smaller, particular areas you can also make use of the peels of cucumbers. The scent postpone by cucumber peels is one other that’s disagreeable for bees they usually keep away from areas the place it’s prevalent.

What to do:

  • Scatter cucumber peels round specified areas, like window sills or across the porch.
  • This will additionally work for repelling bees round your deck throughout a yard barbeque.
  • You should have to substitute the peels as they dry out and grow to be ineffective, so that is clearly a short-term answer for bigger areas.

11. Vanilla

A residence treatment, which comes proper out of your pantry, and is efficient at retaining bees away is vanilla. Like mint and cinnamon, bees are repelled by the scent of vanilla and in addition the alcohol it accommodates.

What to do:

  • Combine 1 Tbsp of vanilla extract in a pint of water.
  • Put the combination in a sprig bottle or simply wipe it in your pores and skin.
  • Place it in your hair, in your wrists and in your ankles to get the most effective protection.

12. Crushed Garlic

Garlic can be a pure repellant which may also help to hold bees away. Like cucumbers, vanilla, mint and cinnamon, garlic tends to burn within the sensory organs of bees. This discomfort causes them to need to keep away.

What to do:

  • Peel and finely chop a number of cloves of contemporary garlic.
  • Place the garlic in a pint of water and permit it to soak for a couple of days to make it good and rancid.
  • Put the garlic infused water in a sprig bottle and spray it on and round areas the place bees generally collect most or across the space you need to hold them away from.
  • You’ll be able to spray it in your physique, if you happen to don’t thoughts smelling like an Italian dish.

13. Child Powder

A closing repellant which works to hold bees away is child powder or talcum powder. That is one other substance which tends to trigger discomfort to bees and is, due to this fact, one other nice residence treatment to remember.

What to do:

  • Rub child powder or talcum powder in your pores and skin if you go open air or out into the woods.
  • You may also use child powder for repelling bees from particular areas as effectively.


As a result of bee populations have been in regular decline since 2006, killing bees, that are helpful bugs, is de facto not a superb factor for the ecosystem, however those that are allergic to them should hold them at bay or danger extreme penalties to their well being. One of the simplest ways to coexist with bees is to make use of a number of of our 13 residence treatments to hold bees away to be able to take pleasure in your yard, vegetable backyard or flower beds with out working the chance of being stung. Please add any questions, feedback or different options you might need to the world offered under.


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