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Eggplant burgers recipe, healthy burgers!! – Healthy recipe – FoodFacts!


Eggplant burger recipe, healthy burgers. In this video I show you a delicious recipe of hamburgers to eat healthy: eggplant hamburgers. Many times I have thought about how to introduce vegetables in my diet and I am on the track! It is an easy and quick recipe that shows a different way to make vegetable burgers. These healthy burgers of eggplant are a good option for a healthy meal. Furthermore, oat bran make your stomach feel satisfied. As you will see on the ingredients, these are the best vegetarian hamburgers. It is very useful for workdays because you can prepare more quantity and just fry when you want. If you do not know how to make healthy hamburgers, this is your recipe! Hope you like it!


-1/2 Red pepper
-Oat bran
-Olive oil

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