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Delicious Healthy Pregnancy Recipes: What You Should Eat In A Day

Wondering what to eat for a healthy pregnancy? Eating healthy during pregnancy can be easy just check out these nutritious recipes and find out what to eat!

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Ashlee Giles loves to share knowledge about her pregnancy for how to stay healthy and fit during those days. According to Ashlee, eating healthy when you’re pregnant can be hard you have crazy cravings and an even crazier schedule. But eating right is important for your growing baby.

Do you know any other delicious recipe to try during pregnancy? If yes, share your views. Please leave a comment below and share your knowledge with us.

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Video Transcript:-

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This is one of my preferred choices for breakfast – French toast with honey, cinnamon, vanilla, mixed berries, and banana. For this, you will need two eggs, skim milk, cinnamon and vanilla extract. Mix the ingredients together, then dip the toast bread slices in the resulting mixture. Cook the French toast in a heated skillet, until it is golden brown on both sides. Put the cooked French toast on a plate, topping it with honey. Cut the banana into slices and place them on the toast as well. Last, add the berries and then serve. Enjoy!

For the much-needed mid-morning snack, I prefer oranges.

Here comes the lunch, where I opt for the falafel salad. The ingredients I require include spinach, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and red & green capsicum. As a topping, I use Greek yogurt, as it has a delicious taste and rich texture.

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For this recipe, I place the spinach leaves into a Tupperware, adding the halved cherry tomatoes. I add the sliced mushroom and then the diced red & green capsicum. I season everything with salt and pepper, to taste. For the falafels, I prefer the gluten and vegan-friendly version. I dice the heated falafels and add them to my salad. Last, I add the yogurt.

My preferred afternoon snack comes from Heavenly Balls, in the form of a unique combination of almonds, coconuts, and cacao. My snack includes four balls, as this is the recommended serving amount. I also consume grapes as an afternoon snack.

Let’s move on to dinner, where I will prepare a tasty stir-fry, using onion, carrot, green & red capsicum, mushroom, zucchini, veggie strips and rice. Begin by dicing all of your veggies. Cook the onion first, add the carrot, red & green capsicum and stir-fry strips. Next, come the mushrooms. For the next step, place the cooked rice on a plate. Add soy sauce & place the cooked veggies on top of the warm rice, serve and enjoy.

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No one can resist a small treat, so for dessert, I often eat two pieces of dark chocolate (my favorite is Old Gold).


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