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Uncover What 20,000 Earlier than and After Wellness Heart Saliva Exams Reveal About Repairing the Endocrine System With out HRT!


Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP, of the Wellness Heart has created a system to restore the

endocrine system utilizing correct 5-Aspect Saliva Testing and a homeopathic and dietary Program to rejuvenate and reverse the organic getting older of organs, hormone ranges and detrimental emotional influences.


Ladies are not keen to simply accept the dangers related to artificial pure “plant-derived” and synthesized “bio-identical” hormones, and are trying to find safer alternate options. First, nevertheless, ladies must know what their base-line hormone ranges are earlier than and through hormone product utilization and what results longterm utilization of those synthesized merchandise will produce to make educated decisions for his or her well being.

Hormone substitute remedy (HRT) relies on the wrong assumption that the physique turns into incapable of manufacturing applicable quantities of hormones just because it reaches a sure age. The physique alters its hormone manufacturing because it passes by way of phases of life, however hormone issues are a perform of an individual’s well being, not their age! Any hormone “replacement”, pure or not, truly causes the physique to decelerate its personal manufacturing of pure hormones. The effectively documented detrimental negative effects of conventional HRT embody

breast most cancers, gallstones, blood clots, hypertension, liver illness, and cataracts.

Mary’s Story

Mary had good success the primary month utilizing Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation, nevertheless, she had new signs, which included tremors, sizzling sweats, shaking, nausea and vertigo. After talking together with her well being supplier, the actual explanation for her new signs was uncovered. The affected person had a cracked tooth with a mercury amalgam filling in it. The affected person visited the dentist instantly and changed the mercury amalgam filling with a biologically suitable substance. One week later, the affected person reported that as quickly as her tooth was mounted, the signs abated utterly and months later, signs haven’t returned.

June’s Story

A 59-year-old feminine with an entire hysterectomy was utilizing Premarin for 5 years. She had hair loss, weight acquire, sizzling flashes, despair, temper swings and continual fatigue. Upon cautious examination of her 5- Aspect salivary take a look at and medical historical past, the exams revealed she had adrenal burnout attributable to the applying of bioidentical progesterone and estradiol HRT, and really low testosterone and DHEA ranges. The HRT induced estrogen dominance. Her doctor really useful Dr. Dale’s homeopathic formulation to activate regular hormone manufacturing, and detoxify the elevated estradiol. The 5-Aspect saliva take a look at outcomes additionally included a customized endocrine rebuilding food plan and an inventory of vitamins that will be useful in sustaining regular hormonal stability.

After 4 months, the affected person did one other saliva take a look at which ends indicated that every one hormone ranges have been improved together with the 5 adrenal cortisol testing occasions. Extra importantly, the affected person felt a lot better together with her signs utterly relieved.

On account of 1000’s of such tales, it may be safely mentioned that “you don’t need to use hormones to balance the body and, in fact, their use will cause a dependency and accelerate the aging process of the organs and glands that produce hormones”.

The Actuality is…

Over twenty-thousand earlier than and after 5-Aspect Saliva Exams show that bioidentical, and so-called pure HRT have measurable negative effects. The artificial U.S.P. hormonal lotions bought over-the-counter, synthesized from soy or wild yam, will not be secure and haven’t been totally researched for security.

Similar to thyroid hormones put the thyroid to sleep in order that the remedy takes over its perform of constructing hormones, ALL hormone substitute whether or not utilized topically or taken orally, causes organs and glands to decelerate manufacturing of naturally produced hormones.

Organic age is extra vital than chronological age when figuring out correct hormone ratios and sufferers’ applications.

Root canals, dental illness, heavy metallic and chemical toxicity might be the primary explanation for accelerated getting older and hormonal imbalances.

Weight-reduction plan and train have an important affect on hormonal stability.

The affected person must be monitored with the extra correct Saliva and never blood testing.

The Conventional Medication Myths

Pure hormone substitute is secure, if monitored.

Wild yam cream, pure progesterone, phytoestrogens, DHEA, Melatonin and HGH are secure for consumption.

Conventional artificial HRT and Pure Bio-Similar HRT don’t have negative effects.

Ladies with hysterectomies can not produce hormones and want HRT.

Hormone substitute protects towards osteoporosis and coronary heart illness.

Hormone substitute treats the reason for the issue.

Very excessive ranges of progesterone, as seen in blood and saliva testing, will not be poisonous.

Know the Information about Superior Saliva Testing

Dr. Dale created a brand new saliva take a look at panel carried out in accordance with the 5 assortment occasions associated to Conventional Chinese language Medication Physique Clock, which presents probably the most helpful info (the liver meridian time have to be examined). A saliva specimen taken at simply any handy time won’t yield particular and correct measurement of hormones associated to meridians, organs and glands which are producing hormones.

Over 20 years of analysis has confirmed the effectiveness of utilizing saliva (as an alternative of serum or urine) as a diagnostic evaluation of “free” (unbound) bioavailable, biologically lively fraction of circulating hormone and the circadian rhythm. Saliva extra precisely displays the physique’s practical hormonal standing. These concentrations are unbiased of saliva circulation price.

Homeopathic medicines are drug merchandise made by homeopathic pharmacies in accordance with the processes described within the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of america, the official manufacturing guide acknowledged by the FDA.

Contact Data

Dr. Theresa Dale

The Wellness Heart for Analysis & Schooling, Inc.


(800) 219-1261

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